Finding the Beauty in Hamilton!


Ohhhh Hamilton…

My hometown, Steel City, home of the Hamilton Tiger Cats, or however you wish to refer to this old town…one thing is for certain and that is its dedication to beautification.  As I returned for a visit after two very long decades I discovered that it had changed and yet..simultaneously managed to stay the same.  How that’s possible is the very secret that holds Hamilton’s charm, endurance and of course it’s brash tough reputation in the heart of every proud Hamiltonian.  Trust me.. myself included!


Bayfront Park

One of the proud developments of Hamilton is The Harbourfront down towards the end of James Street North which now boasts a beautiful green park with views of the bay front glistening under the sun. You will also find a San Francisco style trolley to take you along the very expansive and newly developed trail where forested area meets the Harbourfront. This waterfront park is plenty spacious and hosts festivals during the warm summer months, and when a frolicking festival isn’t raising Hamiltonian spirits, the absolute serenity of the grassy field and stylish Harbourfront walk and marina will relax and revitalize even the most critical visitor. And as some of you may know..I have a certain fondness for architecture and take many photos whenever a unique angle catches my eye.

The Haida

A breezy stroll on over to Pier 9 will bring you to the Haida, the Royal Canadian Navy Destroyer that served in WWII and The Korean War as well as the only surviving destroyer from that era. Walking tours of the old ship are available too!  Returning back to the park will offer you Ice Cream Trucks, restaurants, and even an outdoor ice-rink / or rollerblade arena, depending on the season. Which now draws many people to this 40 million dollar renovation that has water clean-up now in the plans as well.



Cathedral Basilica of Christ The King, built 1933

Heritage, Ohhh those buildings…

Okay…so Hamilton isn’t Rome, or Paris France, but it does know how to take care of its own heritage buildings!  Walking through the downtown core was such a pleasure, building upon building full of rich character, and something I had not noticed in my younger days.  I only hope that the city continues to appreciate the beauty of its heritage buildings, as those same buildings where the detail and design created by local Hamilton Architects is breathtaking, and beckoned my camera until I had to just resist the urge, very difficult to do, in fact… it’s kind of like trying to stop after having one potato chip.



Enter a caption


224-246 James Street N, Hamilton, ON

The Food…

Speaking of food, being a central hub for the rich Italian and Portuguese culture, the culinary side of Hamilton is the ‘real deal’. Delicious.  Travelling along James Street you will find bakeries and restaurants of authentic dishes.  We stopped at a lovely bakery called Ola, and ordered homemade Creme Brulee and Coconut Macaroons, and unbelievable is a word that comes to mind.  True Portuguese style deserts… and yes, when you cannot decide which desert you want most, just choose both!



Hamilton has markets, festivals, night life, shopping and most of all character, it’s definitely worth seeing for yourself! Situated nicely between Niagara Falls, Toronto and a hop skip and jump from the US Border  Maybe I’m biased….but I do know that Hamilton is underrated, with a great hometown vibe..  I’m just going to have to start going back to that hometown of mine much more often now!

Oskee Wee Wee – Oskee Waa Waa – Holy Mackinaw – Tigers …     Eat ’em RAW!”

Next stop… Niagara Falls…





















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  1. Coralie linton says:

    Simply awesome job on describing Hamilton as it is today!
    Loved it!

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