Fight Deals to Europe This Month!!

london       paris

I am so excited to be sharing this with you!  If anyone is looking for a getaway anytime soon…

Vancouver to London UK                       $582.00(CAD)   (Return, Taxes & Fees Included)

Vancouver to Paris, France                    $619.00(CAD)   (Return, Taxes & Fees Included)

Toronto to Paris, France                         $570.00 (CAD)   (Return, Taxes & Fees Included)

Just click on  FlightHub Toronto-Paris and you’ll see this amazing deal.. The prices change quickly but the dates I looked up for these deals were September 26, 2016 – October 6, 2016

And of course FlightHub Vancouver – Paris   and    FlightHub Vancouver – London

Don’t forget these deals are return!  I’m always watching, and right now the cheap flights are to London and Paris, last month it was to Dublin.  It’s always changing… but if you decide to check out the site then be sure to keep checking regularly, and one last tip, try to book at odd times, such as the (middle of the night) for the best deals!  Believe me… it makes a difference.  Unfortunately though for our Americans it seems that just south of the border the prices soar… so perhaps a trip to Vancouver Airport for departure should be in the mix!  I’ll keep watching though..

The ratings for Flighthub are mixed, but it seems only the multi-flight bookings are the ones that get mixed up.

I would love to hear if you take advantage of these deals!  Feel free share!

That’s it for me.. thanks for being loyal and stay happy : )

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