the About me page

My son bought a book called How to Travel the World on $50 a Day  written by Matt Kepnes, very well known as Namadic Matt. I found this book that my son had and flipped through the pages thinking hmmm…. this is a really great idea, and then I continued on with my day.  I took another look at the book a few more times until I sat down and read it cover to cover.. and with this I realised that hey… why can’t we do this?? Why can’t we make travelling together as a family of three a possibility?  Of course we’ve travelled before, but the children were much smaller, and circumstances were much different, but now?? We are setting forth to change our lives in a small way and make room for travel.  Even if it’s just a road trip over the weekend.  It all counts! And I will be journaling it all along the way.

A little about me?  I’m a novice writer, with a psychology background, I’m studying up pre-nursing at the moment, and currently a barista as well.  Until very recently I called myself the barista by day and bartender by night, yes, I really did, and that could very well fill many pages of another blog, perhaps in the future??  Oh..and I guess I should also mention that I was a flight attendant for a short spell as well, but found the hours away from my family a little too taxing.  I wanted to travel ‘with’ them…not ‘away from’ them!

We have  experienced a fair amount of travelling in the past, and are now eagerly looking forward to far more future travels, and of course writing, and writing some more… taking fabulous photos (if I do say so myself) and sharing it all with you…   me and fireplace