Lavender and Tea….for you mom xox photo by


The definition of lifestyle is the way in which a person or group of people choose to live.  I find this term to be particularly interesting and as unique as each individual personality. Does any one lifestyle match that of another?  Especially now in our age of technology, travel, nomadic living, families that choose not to have children,  the definition of lifestyle has changed so much!  We once were expected to marry at a young age to our perfect suitor with the purpose of buying a house, and raising children to carry on the family name, working at the same career for 20 plus years… The ‘nuclear family’, now a vision of the past… Today’s lifestyle has changed greatly, what was once typical and almost required set of rules has now become more individualized than ever, and the typical lifestyle is just that…individual, designed for each unique one of us.  And I know my lifestyle…..differs greatly from anyone else I know, and that’s exactly how I like it : )




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